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Two young men plot to escape a dystopian future London ruled by corporate tyrant The Impresario

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Set the Thames on Fire movie full length review - Absolutely atrocious

From what I had seen about this movie, I was looking forward to it. It was a huge disappointment!

Just exactly how did this excuse for a movie get to be rated at 7.4/10 as of October 6, 2016? I've just watched it. It was a real struggle to endure it all. The only way that this movie is rated as highly as it is must be because of false voting by those who seek to benefit from its release.

This movie is absolutely dreadful. I'm not able to find anything positive within it that might redeem it. It really is the worst of the worst! If I could have rated this movie at zero, then that is what I would have done. Hence my giving it one star. Avoid it at all costs ..... unless you are some kind of movie masochist.