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A demonic nun unleashes HOLY HELL when she summons the devil to possess a MAN-EATING SHARK!!

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Shark Exorcist movie full length review - A z grade shark movie made with zero effort that never delivers the goods

The premise of this movie caught my interest. A Great White Shark possessed by Satan living in a lake is feasting on young attractive women and a priest is called in to perform an exorcism and destroy the monster.

Shark movies all typically follow the same formula, so the idea of a demonically possessed shark seemed an unusual gimmick compared to your standard shark fare, however the kind of film I envisioned once I read the premise was not even close to the kind of film it ended up being.

This is a really muddled movie, sometimes it's a typical shark attack movie, but it's also a vampire movie and also an Exorcist inspired possession movie. These ideas might have worked, but at only 70 minutes long there simply isn't enough time to develop these story elements with any cohesion.

The whole movie looks and sounds terrible, with a cheap low-end digital look typical of YouTube videos, scuzzy audio design and nonexistent choreography. I was honestly shocked when i saw the director has been making movies for some 30 odd years, Shark Exorcist looks like something a first year film school dropout would have been embarrassed to make.

It's clear from the finished product that no one involved in the making of this movie cared whatsoever. It fails as entertainment, it doesn't even work as a piece of Schlock Cinema, it's just a forgettable cash-grab piece of trash.