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Meredith Hendricks happens to be the best cop in her quiet town on Lake Tahoe. When a black-market exotic species dealer named Clint is paroled from prison, something he let loose begins to make its presence known. Swimmers and land-lovers alike begin to become part of the food chain at an unbelievable rate. Meredith and her team discover that they're not just hunting one eating machine, but a whole family of them. Not everyone will make it out alive, but those who do will never forget this summer at Shark Lake.

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Shark Lake movie full length review - Dolph Lundgren is gonna Need A Bigger Boat with Bigger Budget

i like the idea of Getting Action star in dark thriller shark movie Starting (Dolph Lundgren) as Clint a black-market exotic species dealer who got in jail for 5 years.

Clint had a daughter (Lily Brooks O'Briant) Carly Gray also taken care form police offer who became mother Meredith Hernandez (as Sara Lane) (Sara Malakul Lane) a biologist named Peter, begin to investigate these brutal attacks and discover that they're not just hunting one eating machine, but a whole family of them. After a documentary crew is devoured when they don't take the threat seriously, it's up to Meredith, Peter (Michael Aaron Milligan), and the unlikely hero, Clint, to stop the most dangerous thing on the planet. that's all plot felt like director wanted to do movie like jaws and mixed with shark night together these special effects and CGI looked so bad in film. it didn't look like it's been finished the movie is far to funny the shark's don't look so real at all the acting is OK Dolph Lundgren is Decent but rest of cast is like i don't care for Dolph Lundgren doesn't do anything in this movie he is only for every 1 hour doing noting at all it's more of Meredith character and daughter she toke, what in name it's a Dolph movie i mean it looks so excited to see movie with Dolph killing sharks movie doesn't really follow it where it should be ! very low budget what sharks really look like it's very bad special effects on sharks looked so fake. the action scenes only Dolph did is kick these 2 guys in butt and broke 1 guy in arm there's is not much action scenes or him killing sharks when he is water in awful scene him kicking it in face makes it stupid 1 boring action scene, there is not much to say about this movie because this is only thing i am going to write is this could have been better movie director had a good idea but movie is boring most unforgettable movie