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In the final days of World War II, a secret experiment to weaponize sharks is shut down and destroyed by the Third Reich. But now, 60 years later, a small ocean town is plagued by a bloodthirsty, mysterious creature, one built and reanimated using parts of the greatest killers to ever inhabit the sea – the Sharkenstein monster!

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Sharkenstein movie full length review - Half-arsed pish

There's enjoyable cheap films and enjoyable bad films, but when the makers of such films start pishing in the faces of the viewers by making no effort whatsoever to entertain

anybody, and instead serve up a whole load of 'aint we ironic' elbow nudging, references to other bad films, and no much else, then I hope this isn't what the future holds for b-movies.

Basically a Nazi shark is on the loose killing folk as part of an experiment involving the Frankenstein monster's brain. There's some character that do some gurning for the camera and even mention 'They Save Hitler's Brain' which is also a terrible film, but it's better than this crap! I know the shark was supposed to look cheap and such like, but there was no effort put into this film whatsoever. I see Brett Piper's name was attached to this one - I liked his Draniac and hoped some of that would rub off here, but it hasn't. If they can't be bothered to offer up even half a decent film, I can't be bothered going on with this.