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After a cataclysmic event, five strangers sealed inside an emergency shelter with all the comforts of home must learn to cope with their situation and with each other.

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Shelter movie full length review - More like a play than a movie, and not bad

Five people penned in a box, supposedly for their own safety, but with lots of room for doubts about what's really going on. Shelter isn't an action scifi movie, it's more like a tense little play.

The scenes have been shuffled out of order to keep the reality of the box and the fates of the characters mysterious for as long as possible, much like Lost. And it succeeded in keeping me curious about that until the very end. The characters are believable. The acting was good enough to keep me immersed in their reality. I get the comparison with The Divide, but I wasn't able to stay interested in The Divide's mysteries long enough to finish it. And even though The Divide has many more recognizable faces in it, I didn't find its characters to be plausible or even likable. The writing in Shelter is much better, more like real life than a science fiction comic book. I look forward to seeing more of what the creators can do. It's obvious they don't need big money and fancy actors to do something compelling. Rock on.