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A group of friends attempt to successfully complete a list of tasks assigned to them as the "Shovel List" by their dead friend.

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Shovel Buddies movie full length review - Strikes a perfect, somber chord

I haven't seen a film that balances black humor, noir, and tragedy this well since Brick (2005). There are jaw-dropping moments, funny quips, and some tough scenes and confrontations that hit close to home for me in multiple ways.

After about 10 minutes in, I was expecting a dark, comic farce about the strained friends trying to bury their dead friend's stuff. Refreshingly, I didn't come close to pinning what the movie would become. Definitely took me back to my teen years where I shared traits with a lot of the characters. Dan is definitely a massive jerk throughout, and I was really rooting for him to change or realize how much of a unpleasant person he is. Perhaps to some degree he did. Highly recommended if you're looking for something different and definitely dark.