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Silverhide is a horror/thriller film exploring government conspiracy and secrets too horrifying to imagine.

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Silverhide movie full length review - fun B-movie

This film is a fun B-Movie, let me repeat B-MOVIE!!! If you are expecting Underworld or Godzilla or some $100 million movie look elsewhere.

It's wasn't made for mainstream morons like Davanna Carter (see her review) who has probably never made a film much lest ever got one released ?Gee, these armchair filmmakers? It's easy to criticise when you've never done anything yourself isn't it? Anyway, the normal mainstream people should stay away, they won't get it. They WILL never get it. (Do they ever?). This is a low budget film made for cult fans and schlocky horror aficionados. Don't be confused by the packaging (like I was ? This film is being a bit mis-sold it looks like a Hollywood production from the DVD case, whereas it should be being packaged as a GRINDHOUSE movie ? for B Movie fans, there it sits right at home, Mainstream no. (If it's case reflected its cheap and schlocky look it might be attracting the right type of people who would actually understand it) Anyway, it's old skool, its rubber monsters, 80's style, if you grew up in the 80's (like I did) and saw all the low budget monster films this would be right up your alley. It's a midnight movie, John Waters style, trashy, gory, sleazy etc so don't be surprised if it's not what you're expecting. This was rough, fun, interesting, atmospheric, schlocky, and nostalgic, Its pure 70's/80's Grindhouse, so put your old black Cramps T ? Shirt on, get some friends over at Midnight, crack open some beers and get some popcorn and Party! ? (and keep the mainstream straights out)