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When a supernatural cult threatens Earth, Alice must assemble a team of fairy tale villains to face the literal forces of Death.

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Sinister Squad movie full length review - What did I just watch?

I would give 0 but it deserves a 3 at least for the originality of the story.

That is it though. The acting, the directing, the filming, the music, all in this movie is bad. I wonder how can people really get things like this out on the market...although if we think Microsoft....

It is confusing from the beginning to the end. You get shoved in all kinds of directions, the plot is scattered around different explanations of different characters, if you pay attention, or try to, you might understand the plot behind all the chaos.

The director should go back to school or attend one. I know 15 yold that directs their non-actors better than this. He has put some humour on the movie, like if it needed any, it is funny as it is.

This should be classified in Comedy/fantasy, but even then, it would not deserve the plastic they wasted to film this...I hope it was all digital, at least the planet will not suffer from such a terrible flick!