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When a supernatural cult threatens Earth, Alice must assemble a team of fairy tale villains to face the literal forces of Death.

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Sinister Squad movie full length review - Creepy fun

Sorry but Asylum seems to be getting better. I don't know they are getting better writers or better funding, but it seems that they are becoming more serious about writing and acting.

This movie was obviously a take on Suicide Squad, but I forgot all about that after 30 mins. I was drawn in to the story line. Lots of creepy fairytale villains, very good acting on their parts. Bluebeard's acting was enigmatic, he almost made me he think the part was being played by Clarence Williams III.

The witch was funny as I don't know what. She was sexy and scary at the same time.

I'd say everyone but the actors playing Goldilock, the Wolf and the Pied Pipper did very well in their roles. Alice (in Wonderland) was a hoot. No seriously she was a wacknut meant for the insane asylum, as were they all.

You won't enjoy this film if you walk into it thinking "oh no not another Asylum film", give it a chance. It is a wholesome family movie (only a few curse words and no sex or nudity).