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Based on the internationally-acclaimed play by Colette Freedman, the story of 4 estranged sisters who reunite for their mother’s alleged suicide.

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Sister Cities movie full length review - Excellent But Medically Inaccurate

This movie affected me very deeply because I was the primary caretaker for my own mother, who died in 2011 of a form of ALS. The issues involved were very close to the surface for me (still) and I reacted very emotionally to this beautifully crafted story.

Unfortunately the timeline in the movie was grossly inaccurate. It took my mother eight agonizing years to lose the use of her body, bit-by-bit, and by the end she could neither talk nor communicate. She slowly lost the use of her legs about 4 years after her first stumbling signs of trouble, and lost the ability to write about 6 years in. She was bedridden for the last three years of her life, 100% mentally normal but slowly becoming encased in a body that would no longer respond to her.

She refused a feeding tube when swallowing became a problem, and eventually had to die, three weeks later, from slow starvation. It was horrible. She BEGGED (when she still could) to be hastened toward death but by then there was nothing we could do. Washington's "Death With Dignity" law did not apply to her situation.

So while the story here treated similar circumstances with compassion, there was an unrealistic portrayal of the true horrors of ALS.