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A coming-of-age tale that turns on three teenagers who are having a vacation by a lakeside.

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Sleeping Giant movie full length review - Some Serious Contenders for the Darwin Award

"Sleeping Giant" is a low-key Canadian film that builds to an explosive climax; even if sensitive coming of age stories tend to give you the indie fidgets, I'd still recommend this one.

It does start out slowly, with improv'd ensemble scenes (quite convincing), standard montages of teenagers doing carefree teenage stuff and gorgeous shots of the Lake Superior shoreline.

The POV character, Adam, is too shy and passive to generate much storyline on his own?how many kids like that grow up make indie films?, I wonder?though the shaky family dynamic is laid out very nicely: A scene where Adam's well intentioned but clumsy dad urges him to start something with his childhood friend, Taylor?now a lovely young woman who's caught the eye of one of Adam's bad-boy cousins?signals clearly that Dad may be up to something himself?

These and a few more wispy, unresolved subplots don't build up much momentum till the final scenes, beginning with a teenage tantrum that busts up a family Monopoly game? (I know, pretty Canadian, eh?) Great performances by the teenage principals, esp. first-time actor Nick Serino as another bad-boy cousin, Nate, the tantrum thrower. Not essential, but still quite watchable and available on streaming Netflix?otherwise how would we ever get to see it?