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Newlyweds Claire and Ryan have just moved into a new house. Both are hoping Claire’s pregnancy will be the cement needed to hold their already fraying relationship together. Little do they know their marital issues are the least of their problems. For unbeknownst to them, their scruffy, sleazy and lascivious landlord has installed numerous miniature cameras all over their home and has been spying on them from Day One. Then Ryan begins an office affair, and the landlord kits out the secret basement with chains and soundproofing. Something is going to give in this suburban shocker packed with nasty surprises.

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Slumlord movie full length review - Not as Bad as a lot of these reviews claim

Apparently, this movie goes by different names. In US release, it is called "Thirteen Cameras," but I'm guessing from some of the other reviews that in international markets (Australia?

UK?), it's called "Slumlord." The truth is that the second title fits better. There's some stats at the beginning about thousands of people in the US being watched in their homes every year without their knowledge, but this film isn't really about our voyeuristic society; to claim that it is would be like saying _Silence of the Lambs_ is a commentary on human cannibalism. The Landlord here is just one super duper creepy dude. In another era, he would have drilled holes in the wall and lived next door so he can peek through. The technology just makes it easier and more efficient for him to be what he is. As others have said, Archambault is absolutely terrifying as a the kind of landlord/tenant manager that is very close to one you've had at some point in your life--he shuffles, grumbles, stares, and avoids outright hostility by agreeing to come fix your sink but not at the time you'd like. Except this one is watching you and has fixed up his own special room for you in the basement. It's not clear whether this villain has murder in his plans or only captivity, which makes him a bit more ambiguous than other classic serial killer villains. The climax is weak as no one seems to be able to give this shuffling old man (though one undeniably powerfully built) a good contest. To the girl in the pool, I have only one suggestion--not his throat, which you can't reach with your head under water, but his BALLS!, which are right there in front of you!!! In fact, none of the three principals seems to have much of a will to live. Is this movie the revenge of the propertied working class against the idly upwardly mobile?--the male protagonist has an assistant even though he seems to do no work whatsoever; at least the slumlord fixes the sink and the toilet. Archaumbault's predatory, open-mouthed, wide-eyed staring captures the drug-like trance of the terminal sex addict and will make your skin crawl for real. This movie is dark and, in its last shot, rather flip with flimsy characters and no back story for its sociopath, but it keeps you engaged and delivers some good shocks. (As for those of you who actually were disappointed you didn't see the hammer destroying the skull of that character, to quote Mike in "Stranger Things": "what is wrong with you? what is WRONG with YOU?!")