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Hard-hitting character study that's based on the real story of one man's journey to control his violence through religion. It takes us from the blood soaked East End of London to the world of the Islamic whirling dervishes.

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Snow in Paradise movie full length review - Brit London Crime film that is actually very good

The synopsis of this indie film is that our main man, Dave, is a petty criminal who works for his rather unsavoury uncle ? Jim. He does this by running errands and being a lower rank foot soldier.

He also likes a taste of the goods now and then too as it's always drugs in with crime. He has a best mate in Tariq ? who says 'Bruv' at the end of nigh on every sentence which becomes more annoying than a car alarm.

Well Dave messes up and Tariq pays the price ? then in a pique of remorse Dave runs off and discovers Islam; but the past was always going to catch up with him. Now despite that synopsis the Islam part is actually downplayed and is only one of the many facets that go to make this film actually work. The acting is all very strong Martin Askew as Uncle Jimmy is completely terrifying and actually co-wrote this too. The camera work is very good and tries really hard to have art-house shots and it pulls it off convincingly.

There is some violence and it is nasty but it is very tastefully done ? in that it is mostly off screen. Many indie crime Brit films have been of poor quality lately this I am glad to say is one that raises the bar and shows what can be done with a decent script and a committed group of actors.