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A woman who avoids relationships opens a vintage bridal shop, and goes head-to-head with the snobbish owner of the town’s classical bridal shop—only to find out her rival is the mother of her new boyfriend.

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So You Said Yes movie full length review - Quirky and delightful.

The heroine is a wonderfully layered, also quirky, character. I just love her. I actually fell for the hero, which was a surprise to this writer. The hero is rather laid back and not quite as multi-dimensional as the heroine. He is, however, oh so supportive and obviously in love with her.

Enjoyed the best friend(s) his and hers. They added dimension and furthered the story. (Spoiler) Enjoyed the vintage clothing, big time.

This plot has the perfect degree of conflict, and a villain you can really dislike then maybe, perhaps, forgive.

If these characters shed a tear, my throat got tight. I usually pick a story apart, but with SO YOU SAID YES, I'm too busy enjoying. I often wonder WHY or WHEN they fell for each other, but in this movie, I could see it happening and why.