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WWII German soldiers take an occult scientist into a haunted forest in Romania, only to be confronted by their own ghosts.

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Soldiers Of The Damned movie full length review - Made me want to punch someone in the face

I got suckered into watching this movie because I'm a huge fan of history, the DVD cover looked really cool and it had a promising name for a title. I was hoping it would be something like the movie "Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead" which is unquestionably a masterpiece compared to this.

There are so many flaws in Soldiers of the Damned that thinking about the specifics hurts my brain.

By the end of the movie for the first time ever I just froze staring at the entire credits daydreaming wondering how the hell someone could make such garbage. While staring blankly at the credits I noticed there were 3 assistant directors, this is probably where the movie really failed. I can't possibly imagine why there would need to be a total of 4 directors when basically the entire movie was about 5 people in the forest.

There were only 2 decent actors in the entire movie and I REALLY felt sorry for them.

I don't know how a few members of IMDb reviewed this movie with a 9 or above praising everything about it. All I can say is they were probably on drugs when they watched it or had something to do with the movie.

I would rather go to work for an entire week without pay than watch this again.