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Jin Ying is currently experiencing two of life’s most depressing moments: She is jilted by her fiancé, and her loving grandmother passes away. Heartbroken, she decides to visit the European city of Prague, and hopes to use the time to heal her inner pain. While in Prague, she meets a young Chinese man named Punk. There, she slowly unravels a secret romance her grandmother once experienced long ago.

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Somewhere Only We Know movie full length review - Love to Hate?

The movie itself is amazing. I enjoyed watching but some parts of the movie I some what had to force myself to watch it. I did end up watching this movie 3-4 more times and sharing it with friends.I, myself have a love-hate relationship with this movie.

During parts where Jian Tian(Wang Likun) would do something on her bucket list I would have to force myself to watch. She would go crazy and realize it to late to even go back. How she met Peng Zeyang(Wu YiFan) was a little cheesy in my option. She ends up drunk and passing out at his house. Her original plan with Peng Zeyang was...a one night stand. Again super cheesy from there I knew they would have a spark between them.

I did however like the idea of the bracelet. The man did say when you meet your true love it would break. I like how it didn't break until they both figured out it was meant to be. I wish that bracelet was real it would help out a lot of people.

Now, Wu YiFan...I am a huge fan of him and his work. Though I haven't watch his most recent movie I believe called Mr.6. I believe I like Wu YiFan more in romantic or serious films rather than actions. YiFan did a great job in this film for it being his first one.

Overall I still have a love-hate relationship with this film but I would recommend to anyone who likes Rom-Coms or Wu YiFan