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A grief stricken captain embarks on his final mission in command of an ageing cargo ship. The ship's small crew, frustrated and discontent with their lives in deep space try to complete a successful mission, but the ship has ideas of it's own. Soon, an 'accident' onboard forces a diversion to Somnus, a derelict asteroid station in a forgotten sector of the solar system. They soon discover the colony is populated by a mysterious and sinister cult, hell-bent on dark plans for Earth. The crew's hope of sanctuary on Somnus soon turns to peril, as they fight for their own survival against the colonists, and humanity's ultimate fate. Terrifying truths about the end of life on Earth soon force the captain to face up to his personal torment leading to a climatic and exciting conclusion.

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Somnus movie full length review - sad for sf fans

i have never gone out of my way before this ,so here i go rubbish,,,?I love SF in all it's forms ,,,,but this has to be the worst yet ,,for this age we live in how does any body put $$$$ into this ?

?? i am so angry at the fact that i watched this rubbish ,,i hope the writer/director never get a chance to do this to us again,,,the story is broken at best,with reflection going back to 2001 space odyssey with Hal is made into a female,,the captains sleep helmet some sort of boring dream time (lol),,, ,the creature looks like a gremlin ,the set around the eighties the direction is poor,so i don't blame the actors. i really looked for some think nice to say ,,sooo the 1950's train engine is cool. Cheers to all SF lovers who what to believe like me Darren E