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Pretty and likable Jennifer arrives as a freshman at Whittendale University and is greeted by pledge-seeker Carly of the Beta Sigma Eta Sorority. Once warmly embraced by the sorority, Jennifer soon realizes trouble is lurking beneath the happy surface of the sorority and makes an enemy of the sorority president Breanne. When Breanne's body is found in her car, Jennifer finds herself considered to be the number one suspect on campus.

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Sorority Murder movie full length review - ***

You might think that you're listening to an old Andy Griffith show or Jessica Fletcher solving a murder on "Murder, She Wrote."

We have the standard case of someone making threats to get someone for constant mistreatment and of course, when the former winds up dead, all suspicion falls upon the one who made the statement.

In this story, a young girl on a scholarship is lured into joining a sorority where the head is an absolute miserable tyrant. Why the other girls never voted her out was beyond me. Our pledge is disliked by the head who harasses her and gets those threats, before she is done in all together. The rest of the film is devoted to the girl trying to prove her innocence.

Complicating matters is that the girl's mother is an alcoholic, but the film still shows that even with this handicap, mother may always still come to the aid of her teen charge.