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Space Cop is a sci-fi schlock comedy about a cop from the future (of space) who travels to the present, where he's teamed up with a cryogenically frozen cop from the past who has been thawed out in the present. Out of time and out of place, these two unwitting heroes must work together to save the world from a group of renegade aliens and the re-animated brain of a mad scientist bent on global extinction.

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Space Cop movie full length review - Of course it's good, it took 12 years to make

There's a special kind of joy that comes when the opening credits of "Space Cop" are rolling and you realize that you're not watching just any low-budget sci-fi movie, you're watching a labor of love from a group of friends who really wanted to make this movie.

Even when the script falters, or when the acting falls flat, it's this heart that powers the film and keeps you invested.

You can see the care and effort in the miniature Moon sets, in the production design for the alien spaceship, and in the props used by Space Cop and the rest of the Milwaukee precinct. Certain elements of the production are intentionally cheap, an elbow jab at the low-budget movies the gang discovers on "Best of the Worst."

The filmmakers were obviously inspired by these cheesy, goofy, often over-the-top buddy cop actioners they saw on their show, because from obvious stunt doubles to overacting police chiefs, this movie goes right down the list, checking off every box.

As Space Cop, Rich Evans is devotedly stoic and straight-faced, adopting a gruff, no- nonsense voice to mask his character's gross incompetence. But one yearns for the lovable presence Evans has in "Best of the Worst," or on "Half in the Bag." Mike Stoklasa, on the other hand, also hams it up as a detective from the past. There's a childish fun to their scenes together, and to their scenes with Jay Bauman's character Griggs. But too often does the pacing overwhelm the film, and we're left marooned for minutes on end with no jokes to latch onto.

How much you enjoy the film will ultimately rely on how much you share Mike, Jay and Rich's absurd, awkward sense of humor. If a nearly minute-long scene of Space Cop punching in the code for his refrigerator only for a single bottle of beer makes you smile, or if you're delighted by three minutes of Space Cop and Patton Oswalt's character awkwardly watching each other on a video call, Oswalt scrambling to figure out how to log out of the call, then this movie is made for you.

Stoklasa's character gets some good mileage out of his fish-out-of-water character, and he's dumbstruck to discover that not only can you not smoke in the police station, but you can't "have sex with a woman against her will," either.

But on top of it all is Evans, whose Christian Bale?type gruffness anchors much of the film, and whose "Don't Think, Act" attitude provides many hilariously violent scenes. A certain sequence involving a train and a seven-year-old on a bicycle made me laugh so loud, I probably scared my neighbors, only for the scene to be matched a half an hour later by an out-of-nowhere shootout in an alien spaceship that leaves several innocents dead.

Only those who truly love the team of RedLetterMedia should check out "Space Cop." It's not as consistently funny or as well-paced as "Black Dynamite" or other farcical '80s-nostalgia films, but the care and love put into the production is undeniable. And, hey, it has to be good ? it took 12 years to make, after all.