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When his daughter goes missing in an apparent alien abduction, Gabriel's search takes him dangerously close to her strange group of so-called friends. But the further he goes inside their computer game and fantasy-obsessed world, the more he realises that he must confront his own difficult memories if he is to get his daughter back.

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Spaceship movie full length review - Pretty to look at but empty.

Caught this as LFF the other week. It's pretty awful. I think it's meant to be some revelatory insight into teen culture but there's no depth to any of the characters - they're just mouthpieces for the director's pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-philosophical stream of conscience stuff.

There's not much of a plot - a girl possibly gets abducted by aliens - but the film doesn't have the guts to pursue that with any real intelligence. The writer/director introduced the film and seemed to think that the film was "really weird" and we should "embrace the strangeness", but I think there's a difference between being cleverly strange like Aronofsky or Korine to create an emotional response, versus whatever this is where the filmmaker seems to think that going on about unicorns and rainbows equates to enough depth to sustain the audiences interest. It doesn't. I will say that it looks very nice, there's a sequence at a party with day-glow neon make-up that looks great - but looking great isn't enough. The actors are interesting and some of them have real presence, it's just a shame they're forced to speak the rubbish dialogue.