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A radio journalist and his technician get in over their heads when they hatch a scheme to fake their own kidnapping during a rebel uprising in South America and hide out in New York instead.

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Special Correspondents movie full length review - Story is King in Film

This is the kind of film that used to end up being a summer blockbuster. The fact is now with all the CGI Star Hero Captain Explosion films out there, a brilliant little film like this ends up with mediocre scores.

But the fact is this is one of those fun little films that hits on all cylinders and is funny from start to finish. Perhaps my attention span is too long for the vast majority of the crap lobsters that constantly need shiny zig-zaggy flying things to keep their attention. But, I found the story, comedy, and acting 100% satisfying.

What I mean about this film used to be the kind of film that would end up being a summer blockbuster were it not for the CGI driven mega-million Robots of Death type films, is that it used to take only a good story to appeal to a wide audience. Tootsie wasn't a hit because of visual FX.

Maybe my 10 stars is a bit excessive. And I would tend to agree with the more realistic rating of 8 stars the IMDb staff gave this film. But I hate to see a film this good languish at 5.8 stars because American's attention span has devolved to that of a blue bottle fly high on a triple espresso.

The premise of the film kept me interested and amused for the entire time I knew they were pulling the gag. And the characters were all well thought out and funny. The story was a great mix of absurd circumstances, adventure, and suspense.

And as I know its a bad idea to try to prop something up by tearing something down, but all I can say about the people who rated this film lower than a 7 is that you need to get an attention span. Not sure if there is too many chemicals in your drinking water or your addicted to crack. But calm down, start eating right, exercise regularly, learn to meditate and sit back and learn how to be entertained. All the CGI spaceships in the world will never be enough to fill the empty void that devourers sensory input. Watch the classics, Doctor Zhivago, The Great Race, It's a Mad Mad Mad World, and dig the story. Turn off your damn phone and sit and watch the damn film.

Granted this is a made for Netflix film. And it was never intended to compete with the major players coming out for summer screens. But as we know, Netflix is cheap entertainment. And if like me you've axed your cable bill and use Netflix and Amazon Prime as your entertainment tools, then for the tiny cost this film cost me as a viewer it was totally worth it. And really what percentage of my 9.99 a month did it take to help make this film? Probably not much.

So to sum up, is this a good film? Yes! It's funny and suspenseful. Will it make you not want to see Captain America Civil War? No! And that isn't what it was trying to do. It was supposed to be a great little film to make you laugh and feel good. And it did that for me. Maybe its because I understand that Story is King in film.