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When a teenage orphan moves into a small desert town, he finds himself immediately caught up in a turf war between neo-Nazis and punks.

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Spit movie full length review - Fantastic film

I don't like giving critiques any further than "I liked it/I didn't" because I don't want to tell another artist how I would do things; it's my job to make things the way I wa

nt, and let others do it the way they want, and a written critique in the middle of the internet by an anonymous poster doesn't carry enough context for the filmmaker to figure out much about why I felt the way I felt.

Nevermind that though because in no moment during this film I thought something was out of place or badly executed, enjoyable from beginning to end, some moments made me feel a bit nostalgic and others (if not the whole movie) made me excited about the craft of cinema.

Watch it alone, relaxed, maybe at night in the dark with a good pair of headphones.