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The true story of how The Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.

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Spotlight movie full length review - Bad Religion

"Spot" is any place that a person can to be yourself at least. Maybe only for a second: this is leap of snowboarder, this is the descent from the crest of Maverick surfer.

This is trick skateboarder, and it is flips through the chasm climber, and always this is the moment when people most close to their true, to that as it should be. And now this spot again lit - Tom McCarthy and a group of actors who transformed into journalists - expose evil, expose the Mass without Christ, sex without passion and Love without Salvation. But how long time this glimpse of their searchlight will illumine our way after watching the film? Go alone, relying only on themselves, God and your Higher Self

The story in the film compresses the heart of hopeless longing that erases the paints of Being or raises heart of wingless and dank hope on Razorwind, the story in the film as though wrapped in wrapping paper of commonplace of flicker of hours, weeks, cups of coffee. beers, pizza snacks on the go and tired faces, but this story has challenged Evil really. So the school line, concealing himself in the infinity of indivisible atoms, pretense to be the final and composed shabby to ?????????????? division, so work of these journalists is much more than "just human" and their work contains in itself Salvation Eternity and human souls.

... Does help church to feel like winners? Whether it makes feel on the spot? On the crest of a wave? Does the rise, whether it gives hope that we will ever ascend high as we wake up in the energy of a nuclear explosion that imprinted on the shroud of Christ in the time of his resurrection?..

Or the Church gently soothes us sleepy Requiem Masses for the live souls yet and speaks to our wounded inner child and stroking with something codenamed "the salvation by the grief", to make it easier to continue to take the poison of lies and come to terms with the meaninglessness of existence under the babble of the old TV cozy?..

The Church makes "honoring" insult and injury, because the commandment "honor your father and mother" for a dysfunctional family could easily lead to the sin of honoring of evil of parents, to lead man to Satan from God. "the salvation by the grief", serving in the truest sense of the word Evil parents, honoring parents as "gods", serving to their violence and put-down as a god's will is transformation into nothingness and emptiness.

Any priest can be justified violence "in the name of God" , if it comes from a husband beating his wife and children, or of a prostitute mother who gives children the panel, because the gap with them is "to disobey the will of God" and come down from the cross can not be - it's one salvation! And so, if you're a Christian, you should "bow to the Evil fall down", take this as a message from God or even die from the hands of a drunken father or a rapist-priest, "bearing your cross"? That is man who helping to humiliate and destroy himself is an accomplice of the Black Mass and violators of the New Testament with Christ.

The film "Spotlight" serious than romance movies: gangster whether, as in "Sleepers" by Levinson, bohemian whether as "Bad Education" by Almodovar. No allegorical psychedelic or no mystics as in "Dark Tower" by King (the shooting of church by Roland because it was sold to Satan), as in "Witch" by Michel or "Stigmata" by Wainwright. Here no one is ashamed and does not hide behind the fig leaf metaphors. "Undress" here - is to show the innocence and hide it would curtsy to the evil.

But you only yourself pass this dangerous fine line between humility and self-abasement and self-destruction, only you the esteem in parents or wife-husband not light but darkness. You did not honor to the mother and the father, not the priest, because they are already at this moment they are not but they are Satan, serve darkness and thus not "create commandment" and transgress it. After sacrificing oneself to Satan, you serve not God but Evil, concluding with the evil Covenant. That is why it is important not to die on the Cross, and to live. And what is the meaning of the Resurrection and Ascension, the Transition, if you want.

And in the movie "In the Spotlight" actors are beautiful such as this truth: Liev Schreiber: no games, no jokes, nothing more. Mark Ruffalo - very natural, and his passion in the fight against crime as well inadmissibility not pretentious, like the immediacy of Rachel McAdams who bringing a glass of water after a grandmother reading newspaper. Jokes of Michael Keaton and John Slattery - is the necessary glue that hold and «The Boston Globe», and the audience as part of the balance. Actors and their characters - adults who, because of this are able to see the actual and specific scale of the tragedy, and it makes the investigation is even more shocking....

Now it is important for people to survive. Save the planet, creating new great relationship, family, jobs, where will triumph not suffering and sin, and the beauty and grace, goodness, love, acceptance.

Now comes a New World of Christ, where the basic postulate is not "closing karma", not "in the atonement of sin by dose of suffering," not in the dispersal of Darkness but Light in the ignition, in the creation of Good. But to serve him, you can only fully came out of the condition of the victim, breaking death contracts at all levels and to take the path of life, because "God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all" ...