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A young man in a personal tailspin flees the US to Italy, where he sparks up a romance with a woman harboring a dark, primordial secret.

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Spring movie full length review - A very unusual, low-key Horror film. Well written and put together. An excellent blend of Horror & True Love... Rewatchability: High Blu-ray: Good A:9 V:8

The ONLY reason why I am adding my review is to make a very important single point.

Pretty much ALL of the other positive reviews here say everything that you need to know that is good about this film, so I don't have a whole lot more to add. Just one additional note of caution though... At the very beginning, I strongly got the impression that this was a crude, poorly filmed, EXTREME low-budget film with somewhat corny and clichéd acting. PLEASE... do NOT judge the entire film by that first impression because the rest of the movie after those first few minutes is completely different. I'm VERY glad I didn't jump to conclusions and impatiently turn it off at the beginning.

Okay, here is the ONE primary reason why I am writing this review... And all you directors of low-budget Horror films out there, PLEASE... take note...

THIS film is the PERFECT example of the RIGHT way to portray a NATURALISTIC and BELIEVABLE romance or relationship. For me, that is usually the ONE thing that ruins most films of any Genre, particularly low-budget Horror films. And, that is the horrible acting when trying to portray affection or ANY kind of REAL interaction between people (just take a look at my scathing review of the recent atrocious 'HONEYMOON' as an excellent example of this - Geez, what seriously $hitworthy acting...)

Anyway, to me, that is a vital point to take away from this movie when you see it. In my lowly and wretched opinion after seeing literally 1000's of Horror films, this movie here is one of THE very best examples of putting together and portraying the relationship or romance between people in a TOTALLY believable and Naturalistic way that the audience will completely buy into. Thus, making the entire rest of the film much more real and tangible and therefore more involving for the audience. I was honestly very impressed by the way the two leads portrayed their roles. The conversation between them totally fit the situations and both actors REALLY brought out feelings and expressions that fit the well written dialog perfectly. I cannot express how EXTREMELY vital that is in any film, even more so for a Horror film with Fantastical elements where you really need the audience to be heavily invested in and BELIEVE in the characters.

This is a very unusual film, to say the least. I'm glad to see that most here reviewing it actually DID get the point of the movie as you can see in most of the review Summaries. And that shows to me that the makers of the film accomplished what they set out to do. As a matter of fact, in their commentary, the two directors state repeatedly that they tried to bring off the dialog and performances in the most naturalistic way possible.

As others have already noted here, the over-riding theme of this film is primarily 'Eternal Love', with layers of mild, Lovecraftian Horror lovingly blended in. The locations and architecture are truly beautiful and lovely to look at.

So, that is really the MAIN reason why I added my review here, because I felt that that ONE element, the perfect way their relationship was written and portrayed was SO damn strong that I had to mention it. And therefore, since we the audience are so drawn in and involved so deeply because of these characters and their VERY believable interaction, we can then much more easily buy into the rest of the film along with it's overall Lovecraftian theme of Eternal Love.

If you can appreciate a relationship based Horror film with mild Horror elements and you don't mind waiting a little while (about 35 minutes or so) until the scarier things start happening, and if you are NOT expecting a heavy-duty, intense, violent, in-your-face Horror movie, then there is a good chance that you will enjoy this very well made and unusually stylish blend of Horror...