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Badly planned trek across Dartmoor landscape brings four friends face to face with the Dartmoor Beast. Lost and afraid the terrified party has to fight for their own lives in desperate attempt to survive the night.

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Stag Hunt movie full length review - More comedy than horror

I didn't really know what to expect from this movie, but as I was watching it, it was -- as another reviewer said -- a mix of two different genres (comedy and horror).

However, I'd definitely classify at more as a comedy. The writing was clever and very funny, especially when the guys are discussing the plan to survive. If you're looking for a horror, thriller, slasher-type movie, this isn't for you. If you're looking for a fun movie with the horror aspect of it in the background, you might enjoy this. The acting was good, but you can tell from the cinematography that it was a low-budget indie. I'd advise you to give it a try. I've seen a lot of indie movies -- too many, really -- and this is a fairly well done movie. I was pleasantly surprised, though I doubt I'll watch it again.