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An obsessive prowler Jack (Jarratt) breaks into the home of his victim Emily (Fairfax). Finding himself wounded then tied to a chair, Jack soon realises he underestimated his intended prey as the two engage in a night long tête-à-tête.

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StalkHer movie full length review - original black comedy great film

An original film with great back and forth between the two main actors, great script great directing, it's funny in a black humor way the film could've been produced as play a

s it's centered on the two main characters in one house over a night, it has great script writing and directing and top notch performances from two of Australia's finest actors.A film that's backed by a fine soundtrack that really keeps the movie flowing and has great black humor great memorable lines and a black humor battle with a great ending. fans of black humor comedies should give it a burl as well as fans of the legendary John Jarratt and Kaarin Fairfax. well worth checking out for anyone who isn't a close minded pelican.