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A troubled veteran gets a chance at redemption by protecting a girl from an assassin after she witnesses a murder. Holding a shotgun with a single shell, he engages in physical and psychological warfare in a desperate fight for the girl's life.

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Standoff movie full length review - Laurence Fishburne is great but as for the rest of the film...

Whilst paying respect to her parents at a cemetery a young girl known as Bird (Ella Ballentine) witnesses an assassin called Sade (Laurence Fishburne) executing a few people in 'cold blood' based upon orders he has been given.

Not only does she 'witness' the crime, but she also takes incriminating photos of the assassin committing said crime. Sade soon learns that Bird has incriminating evidence of his crime and chasing her to a nearby house which is owned by Carter Green (Thomas Jane) a disaffected veteran who will stop at nothing to protect this young girl. What effectively follows is a stand-off between good and evil.

Oh dear if there is a way to make a film about as ludicrous, ridiculous, improbable, implausible and as stupid as possible then the filmmakers in Stand-Off have really gone to town here;

This film really makes no sense from start to finish; Fishburne's character is assassinating people at someone's funeral and for starters the point of this is never established; what exactly is the reason for this and who has organised the hit? OK; it's a film and in a film that has a tightly knitted plot this perhaps wouldn't matter, but sadly the sense of stupidity and the clichés continue to mount up here....

We have an assassin who removes and takes his mask off willy-nilly (and seemingly keeps his face covered up even in front of people who know what he looks like). The film then relies on ridiculous contrivances in order to create tension (a homeowner in an isolated setting who happens to have had his phone cut off) and seemingly the only person who has a mobile phone that he doesn't carry in his pocket or in close proximity even though he knows that his landline isn't working???? - yes it's believable at a stretch, but seems more contrived than anything. The film then ups the contrivances by having a lone police officer go and investigate a mysterious shooting and one that (despite his hunch that something is 'wrong', decides to ignore his 'gut instinct' and go it alone which in predictable fashion only ends up finishing one way for the 'have-a-go copper'). Then we have the assassin ring up the homeowner's ex-wife/partner and trick her into coming home - hmmmm.... most phones have a pin lock on them, but in typical contrived style this must have not had a pin lock on it.... again possibly believable at a stretch, but by this point I was starting to believe that the law of averages were ridiculously in favour of the assassin. Oh yeah and we have also have the rather novel cliché of a generator powering the electricity about to run out just before the assassin is about to commit his next horrendous crime (this gets some acknowledgment for being a somewhat novel cliché, but it still failed to impress me).

The performances do save the film somewhat and I actually thought that Laurence Fishburne easily carried the film; despite the fact that I had this uneasy feeling that he was trying to be Samuel L Jackson for the most part. Thomas Jane is also fairly good and at least makes for a fairly likable anti-hero.

Despite the rather clichéd plot-mechanics and formulaic storytelling this film actually isn't half-bad in some areas; the psychological battle of wits between Jane and Fishburne is interesting to watch and there are occasional moments of tension here and there. However, the scenario here is far too familiar and director Adam Alleca fails to deliver much in the way of tension or claustrophobia and his script also becomes tiresome and repetitive in the second half. So yes it has its moments, but not enough it to make it worth watching.