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The Coalition of Planets, a young alliance of worlds led by Earth, is at war with the Romulan Empire. Desperate for a chance to gain the upper hand in the war, the Coalition forms an alliance with T’mar, a Romulan deserter, in the hopes that she can provide valuable intelligence on her former masters.

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Star Trek - Horizon movie full length review - Just too much MORE Trek techno crap.

*Spoiler/plot- Star Trek: Horizon 2016. Galactic alien race works with StarFleet to solve a massive problem of the legendary Iconian benevolent race competes with a militaristic alien race for control of the known universe.

*Special Stars- Fandom amateur & unknown performers, Paul Lang, Marc Bowers, Ryan Webber, Callie Bussell, Ashley Croft.

*Theme- Scientific exploration of the galaxy is possible.

*Trivia/location/goofs- internet fan donation project. fan video, online.

*Emotion- While visually this project looks professional in it's massive and boring planetary and space flight scenes; the script dialog writing of huge amounts of necessary ex positional plot scenes make this show very slow stone-age, and plodding. What is worse is the project's writers have taken mind-numbing Star Trek 'technobabble' into dizzying lengths for the audience to follow. TOO long CGI shots to provide plot understanding and progress into this confusing plot video drama. Overuse of CGI generated 'lense-flare' and 'soft focus' is annoying to the viewer. The viewer is turned off to watching much more from this fan group. That much plot exposition has made this project hard for audience to get involved, understand and therefore boring for the viewer. Use of trendy 'flavor of the minute' gimmicks like artificial software lens flare makes this video unwatchable.

*Based On- Star Trek 'Enteprise' era canon.