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Pals Danny and Frank spend the summer after high school working as lifeguards while figuring out their future.

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Staten Island Summer movie full length review - As a Staten Island I was insulted this movie is super stupid

I have lived on Staten Island for over 40 years and am sick of Staten Island being depicted in this way. I couldn't even watch more than the first 15 minutes before turning it off.

First of all the pool is supposed to be in Great Kills at their club which is expensive and maybe filled with some dunces but not the type of dunces depicted. That area is high income white and those people would not like this stereo type which does fit a great number of Staten Islanders and New Jersey types. The types depicted are lower income blue collar workers and even though Great Kills has some of the latter the club prides itself on being above all that and is much too expensive for me or my family to have ever attended. Second what is funny about a bunch of clueless teens spending their aimless summers trying to get laid and have fun preening muscles at idiot girls and cannon balling into the pool in totally irresponsible fashion. (Even at our city pool which is lovely this behavior is not tolerated.) It's all been done before and better. The days of Animal House being amusing are over. There are tons of other types both here and in New Jersey (a state of which I as a New Yorker do not have a special fondness) who have complex intelligent lives. If this was even slightly amusing I might have continue to watch but other than showing that some of the neighborhoods and beach are often overlooked in their beauty I was completely repelled. I live on the opposite shore depicted in the film (North Shore) but I am sure that those on the South Shore might also not find this film to their taste.