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Daniel (30), a successful TV journalist living life in the fast lane, has fallen into a deep depression. His seemingly perfect life suddenly collapses under him when panic attacks force him to deal with himself and his past. Fear, paranoia and desperation appear to get the better of him, people around him are helpless. Daniel, however, won’t give up: he tries to recapture what was once his by creating a second identity for himself, young Alexander (19), with whom he embarks on an extraordinary journey into a painful past.

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Steel movie full length review - Gay man in mental breakdown yawnathon

This is a hard watch it is about some TV presenter called Daniel who goes a little bit weird at the same time that a cutesie twink decides to enter his life. This is Alexander played by, the unfortunately named, David Cameron. He has all the emotional development of a three month old puppy.

They do some 'getting it on' and have a few dramas as the musical score goes off on o0ne seemingly having been penned for a different film ? one that was probably watchable.

This was one of those films that I tried to find something to like. The boys are good looking, but constantly pad about the place wearing as little as possible or as tight as possible ? I mean cliché central or what. The dialogue was turgid, the acting almost painful and the plot so bewilderingly pointless that I kept saying ? who would really care? Only see if you like a soft porno with acting of a similar calibre ? truly bad.