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Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans interweaves stunning newly discovered footage and voice recordings with original interviews. It is the true story of how a cinema legend would risk almost everything in pursuit of his dream.

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Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans movie full length review - Flawed but worth it if you are interested in Steve McQueen's work and life

This documentary presents, through the use of a few recently discovered audio tapes, the man himself speaking, and through both present day and period filmed first-person acco

unts of many others involved with the making of the 1971 commercial failure of an auto racing film, how the actor would find his - at the time - skyrocketing Hollywood career taking a momentary nosedive due to his single-minded passion to produce a motor sports movie sans the usual "personal/love interest" backstories to be found within most all of this sort of film genre. In other words, just a movie featuring McQueen's "love interest"...auto racing.

It also includes many filmed recollections of his first wife, entertainer Neile Adams, and their son Chad McQueen, and thus also attempts to bring the actor's personal and family life into focus at a time in which the marriage was coming to an end due to McQueen's persistent philandering and a seeming sense of his own personal career hubris.

This is probably going to be best enjoyed by fans of McQueen and/or auto racing and/or those interested in documentaries showcasing the business of film-making. I'm interested in the business of filmmaking and the careers and lives of the stars, and my opinion afterwards was that "The King of Cool" could be, under stress, very difficult, just like any of us can be. Also be warned that the language used gets pretty salty.