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A meddling man and woman determined to stop a wedding for the good of the bride and groom instead wind up falling in love with each other.

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Stop the Wedding movie full length review - Stop the Poor Plotting!

The entire movie felt strung together with no real direction. I read the novel this was based off of and noticed many things were changed about the setting and the plot just for the hell of it.

The plot itself seemed to be abandoned halfway through the movie in favorite of clichés and wacky hi-jinks. The reasoning behind Anabelle's need to stop the wedding was flimsy at best but she soon got over it upon watching a short video of the couple together.However since there was still an hour left to fill the movie random plot points, hi-jinks and misunderstandings were thrown in as filler to stretch out the running time.Hallmark, please stop adapting novels! You do a terrible job bringing them to screen.