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Guilt ridden mother seeks to enact her vengeance against her daughter's killers. With detectives closing in, Eva transforms into a vengeful God.

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Story of Eva movie full length review - The worst movie I've ever seen

Without question, this is the worst movie I've ever seen and hopefully the writer/director understands why it's so bad and gives up.

There are so many continuity errors such as (spoiler alert) an exploding truck that is not noticed by anyone or ever explained or even the central situation: was the daughter raped and murdered? We don't ever see it and only know because someone says it. The acting is of course horrible, but how could it be any better with such a ridiculous plot? Unlike huge CGI blockbusters where you can see where every cent of the millions they spent on the screen, here you can see the $60,000 budget: bad costumes, bad lighting, bad cinematography, bad script, bad editing, bad everything. It's quite laughable actually that the writer/director thought he was making such a profound, intense exploration of revenge and being a woman and instead made a comedy!