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A forlorn teenager abandoned in New York City spirals out of control, from a troubled kid to an accidental addict, after he mistakes the welcoming embrace of a Lower East Side drug dealer for the love of family. Offering a humorous take on the absurdity of the junky lifestyle, STRAIGHT OUTTA TOMPKINS also presents a fearlessly honest portrayal of the violence and danger that come with teen drug use.

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Straight Outta Tompkins movie full length review - Must See!!

Straight Outta Tompkins is truly a historic film by a young talented filmmaker in the model of Scorese and DeNiro. This is a must see.

Rarely does a film come along and puts the audience on notice? Zephyr Benson sparkles on the screen as a writer, director and lead actor. A true cautionary tale that reminds us all about choices we must make in the journey of life. The Cast is spectacular, Aaron Costa- Ganis as Cruz, Cliff Bemis as the Headmaster, Jon Mccormick as Sam all give life changing performances. Filmed on a microscopic budget, the film production values rival those of multimillion dollar films. Sometimes lighting strikes and all the stars line up, this is that film. A MUST SEE!