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Newly arrived to a remote desert town, Catherine and Matthew are tormented by a suspicion when their two teenage children mysteriously vanish.

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Strangerland movie full length review - This Film was a Missed Opportunity.

This Film was disappointing on so many different levels,for starters you have two kids who I don't like and don't care about second you have a Jerk father character who I don't like and is useless throughout most of the film.

Third you have a story that could have been interesting but they do Nothing with it. Forth- Actually I will just stop counting the problems now and I will just say everything I didn't like about the film and then I will mention the few good points it did have and that's not many.

The Film is about a brother and sister that go missing in a strange Land. This film had potential but the writers dropped the ball and instead they decide to bore their audience for an hour and 45 minutes. I thought the whole idea of having a mystery is that the mystery gets solved well this film never solves its mystery,it just leaves you thinking huh? What happened? did I miss something?.

This film has no ending and that's one of the films biggest problems another is all the hinting toward something (unknown) taking the kids away but the writers went nowhere with that idea. It's also never explained what happened to either of the kids which is a Lame Ending if you ask me.I hate to break it to the writers but Most people actually want an explanation in their movies.

This movie has no explanation at all instead it just hints at things like maybe someone took them or maybe someone has a grudge or maybe they ran away or maybe it's a mysterious Creature. What???? A mysterious Creature is this a Sci-Fi Film now?? Give me a Break!. The film was Boring and most of the characters suck,The two kids had no character development And The Development they tried to give you was Lame Like the Girl is a Little bit Rude. There you go that's her character development we Find out she's Rude!. (Like I care). All we know about the boy is sometimes he's quiet."wow what great character development".

The Father acted like a selfish Asshole and he Never wanted to be with his wife at night he also didn't seem very worried about his kids which I found strange and its only towards the end that he started to look for them.I'm sorry pal too little too Late. There you go that's his character development he does not want to be with his wife and he's selfish. you have no reason to like him or care about him. You also have no reason to like or care about the kids,so when they do go missing there is no emotional impact because you never liked them in the first place. That is mainly because of the poor script,you didn't know anything about them to care. The directing was not that impressive either I personally found the directing dull.

This movie is supposed to be a thriller but there were No Thrills. I thought thrillers were supposed to be thrilling well this one was definitely NOT. If people want to watch a Good Thriller I recommend watching (a Lonely Place to Die) which is a Much better Movie than this it has more Action and is more Thrilling. Strangerland is a Film that just wanders around randomly going from scene to scene,it's like the writers didn't know what the hell they were doing. The Film has no energy and it lacks Action and it felt a bit uneventful. The film also shows you a few Weird Random scenes of someone standing in the wasteland and all of those scenes were Pointless because they served no purpose to the story.

Getting to the films good points there are only a few,one of them is Nicole Kidman I thought she gave a very good performance and I liked her character and I really did feel sorry for her when her kids went missing because she was destroyed about it. I like Nicole Kidman as an actress and she was the best part of this movie I thought she out acted everyone and she deserves to be in a better movie. As for Hugo Weaving I thought he was just okay I've seen better from him he's usually best at playing bad guys but I will admit it was interesting to see him as a detective. The man who played the father his acting was Okay but the character was very poor. The kids were So so neither good or bad and character wise they were nothing Special. The rest of the supporting cast were decent but nothing mind blowing.

I guess I will mention Another good point The film has some nice Cinematography and nice scenery and I liked some of the Locations in the film but I'm Afraid those are the only good points I can think off because everything else was Lame. I thought they would do more with the story but they did nothing much with it and the Ending is unsatisfying and Leaves you disappointed. The makers of this film obviously wanted to be ambiguous but I'm afraid they Failed. Being Ambiguous does not always work and this is one of those times. The movie also has a very Stupid pretentious Narration at the End of it that I hated and thought was very pathetic and made no sense. Unless you want to be bored I would not recommend watching this movie it was poor and very disappointing.