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Ambitious psych major Molly White is on top of the world as she preps for her grad program entry exams. After celebrating with boyfriend Brady, Molly finds her roommate Emma crying after an incident she had with her boyfriend Adam. The next morning, Molly is shocked to learn that Emma jumped from the roof late that night, leaving a suicide note behind. Refusing to believe that Emma would do such a thing, Molly starts having haunting dreams over Emma’s death. Driven to uncover the truth about what happened to Emma, Molly begins to search for answers positioning herself in harm’s way.

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Suicide Note movie full length review - Lifetime all the way

If "The Suicide Note" had actually been about suicide, it might have been a good movie to show to high school students, though these kids are in college.

Actually it's more of a whodunit with some red herrings, as a psych student tries to find out who killed her roommate. The roommate allegedly killed herself, leaving a note. First to come under suspicion is her boyfriend, with whom she had fought.

You'll figure out who did it in the first fifteen minutes.

I found the acting typically Lifetime, not great. These actors could have used more help from the director. They're young, and some of them probably acted as children, then as teens, and are transitioning into adult roles. Basically they learn to act in front of us.

The film merely touched on the reasons for young people committing suicide and didn't go very much in depth. Frankly I would have given it a different title.