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A group of people have just signed up to be camp counselors at a foreign country. They expect the camp to be the place for a memorable summer. Instead, something strange is going on and some of the campers begin to act strange. Things go terribly wrong real fast as a terrible game of tag has the campers running for their lives or going after the campers.

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Summer Camp movie full length review - Summer Camp

A horror film co-produced by Televisa and distributed by Filmax? Sounds as a perfect recipe for disaster.

And even though the result isn't very satisfactory, Summer Camp includes one or two original details which make this bland and forgettable movie at least worthy of a slight recommendation. The first 20 minutes of Summer Camp introduce the insipid characters and explain the "logic" of the screenplay. The producers surely though (rightfully so) that nobody would swallow a decrepit mansion as a childish "summer camp", so co-screenwriters Alberto Marini (who was also the director) and Danielle Schleif had to invent multiple dialogues to justify the incompatibility between location and premise. Besides, the actors aren't able to display the slightest credibility in their already generic characters, while the screenplay makes too many turns to inflate the short running time, and the camera has the irritating custom to frantically move during the "horror" moments in order to simulate tension the material isn't able to generate. What is more, the convulsive camera distracts us from the lack of special effects. There aren't instances of gore which would have helped the experience; even though it got rated R, Summer Camp feels close to PG-13, so it doesn't have much to offer on the visceral level. On the positive side, I liked the fact that Summer Camp plays with our expectations during the beginning, suggesting various thematic alternatives which generate a certain suspense; for a while, we don't know whether this will be a slasher film (there's a mysterious man spying from the woods with a knife), or of ghosts (the isolated mansion suggests spirits in every somber room) or of satanic possession (a dog shows clear signs of demonic influence... or it might be rage). Besides, we have an interesting twist which adds deepness to a popular cliché of contemporary horror; unfortunately, it comes too late, and it's not fully exploited in order to completely compensate the monotonous development of the movie. After all, Summer Camp didn't end up being the disaster I was expecting due to its fleeting moments of ingenuity, but it didn't leave me very satisfied either. At least, it didn't bore me and I don't regret having watched it, so, as I previously said, I think I can give it a slight recommendation.