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A gay couple living in San Francisco takes in two strangers traveling from Italy to start a new life in America, discovering each other and forming the most unlikely of relationships along the way.

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Summertime movie full length review - Highs and lows

Muccino does it again.

As in the more than 10 years older "Come te nessuno mai" and "L'ultimo bacio" the beauty, hunger, clumsiness, frailty and naivety of youth become the stars. This is an irrelevant story with the main scope of trying to evoke our own best memories of a special summer. And in this sense it is successful: energy, curiosity, erotic tension, recklessness are all delivered.

This said, the movie is quite volatile: highs and lows alternate with a worrying pace. You find yourself in a beautiful dream and in 5 seconds everything becomes the nightmare of a commercial of the worst detergent on the market. Indeed - unfortunately - some scenes are astonishingly bad. Nonetheless the highs deserves a plus: so I'm going with a 10 here (even if it deserves a 6 at best: no way the average is below 6 already...).

Contextually: the movie reminds me of "Y tu mama tambien" (with all due respect: Cuaron's movie is much better imo): if you loved it and feel like having a "deja vu" you should give it a try.

Mostly great music choices, quality photography and a fascinating (and extremely good) female lead actress.