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Janie’s just trying to get well. As she recovers from a violent psychotic break, she’s subjected each day to a bizarre holistic health and wellness regimen designed, and enforced, by her lifelong nanny and caretaker. But when she develops an obsession with a stranger, Janie's buried demons begin to surface.

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Sun Choke movie full length review - Susanby: Visually stunning art house chiller

I had to "steal" this summary line from that one other review on IMDb (at this time), because it hits the nail on the head.

Actually the review is very thorough overall, but this tag alone should be an indication if the movie itself is something you want to watch. Even without that tag line I went to watch it, not knowing anything except the title of the movie itself of course.

And while it's slow moving/brewing, which might not be most people cup of tea, I have to say that it fits the movie and the story. There is incidental nudity and there is weirdness abound too. Characters behavior may not be easily explained under "normal" circumstances, but the movie is not describing normal at all. This gets clear pretty early on. Does it still sound like something you want to watch? It's not easy let me tell you that. Especially when our main character gets "schooled".

There are a couple of themes here, rebellion, growing up, exploring and more and all packed in a psycho horror setting that will either feel "delightful" or nauseating, depending on your viewing habits. It's just a movie, so you'll either like the art created or loathe it