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A coming-of-age film about celebrity worship, love and disillusionment set in the Los Angeles YouTube community.

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Sunset Rock movie full length review - Funny romantic film that skewers the LA youtuber scene

An excellent low budget indie that skewers the LA youtuber scene. Andrew Lincoln and Megan Baum have great chemistry that serves the slow building romantic tension between them very well.

Marc Wilkinson directs his first feature with a subtle hand, and really knows how to draw very real performances from his lead and supporting cast. A great quirky cast of supporting characters rounds out this film. On the film's main page, the budget is estimated at $1,000 and shot one day per week over the course of several months. Marc Wilkinson's deft hand at directing a low budget film is very apparent, as the film has a polished look even with the limitations of being filmed on dslr cameras. I would recommend this film to anyone on the lookout for new up and coming directing talent.