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Supervention 2 is an inspiring documentary that explores the world of action sports through skiing and snowboarding.

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Supervention 2 movie full length review - Keeps the spirit from the first, but less of a surprise

I didn't expect much from the first Supervention-documentary about modern skiing. I expected it to be both boring and tediously giving too much screen time for spoiled brats.

How wrong I was back then. The film was the best skiing film I ever saw, and had both attitude, style, beautiful scenery and makes us understand the souls driven to ski for life. What's more was that we really got charmed both by the personalities and with the joy of life the ski bums actually have.

Supervention was following some skiers, snowboarders and skaters in their love for rehearsal and routine, and their longing for great free- rides and awesome bu dangerous tricks on rails and stairs. Some of the best skiers, even some living legends, in Norway, Sweden, USA and Canada appeared, making it even more interesting.

This follow up does the same, but focuses more on the big stars, a bit to my disappointment. Though my disappointed isn't bit, at the surprise I felt from the first, obviously won't appear here. We know what we get, or at least what we are supposed to get. We meet many of the same stars as we did three years ago. Young Jesper Tjäder now a grown man. We could say they are all three years older, but there's more focus on the really grown up stars like Aksel Lund Svindal and Terje Håkonsen.

The film work is once again excellent, and it stunningly beautifully filmed. The landscapes, mostly Norwegian and Austrian, are often spectacular and the snow is plentiful. Extra care has been put into the music score, with suitable happy music from bands like White Lies, Bigbang, Kongos, Little May, Seinabou Sey, Cape Lion a.s.o.

This film also surely will recruit more snowboarders and skiers, like it or not. It will also make your loved sons and nephews, even daughters risk their lives or at least their teeth or knees in rehearsing and performing stunts, like it or not.

But when you go watching it, don't expect there to be a plot or a climax, because it's all about something else! A couple of stories here, but they are the least interesting, as the matter of fact. Once more, just relax and enjoy!