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A high school girl and her bullying peers are terrorized by an escaped psychotic killer who is more than meets the eye. The Night Daddy Came Home! Tormented at high school, Emily Hanson’s only escape is drawing graphic sketches depicting a crazed masked killer on a bloody rampage. Except the deranged maniac is her father who snapped eight years ago and is now locked away in a mental institution where Emily’s bullying classmates taunt she should be too. On the anniversary of his massacre, the In Crowd throw a party while Emily babysits her mute little brother. Little does she know she’s in for a night of unrelenting terror and madness, forced to confront her demons once and for all.

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Suspension movie full length review - Missed Its Mark

I really wanted to like this movie. Its opening--a pan of a moving school bus--was well done and somewhat artful. The bus (and all other scenery was in a dull white, while the barn was blood red). That was a nice touch.

The story behind "Suspension"; however, was quite muddled, poorly acted, and so all-over-the-place that it was actually hard to follow. The movie had parts that tried to play an homage to the original "Carrie," "Halloween," and "Friday the 13th." A teenage girl is bullied at her high school. Trouble is, I never really knew WHY she was bullied. She loves to draw, but it's WHAT she draws that is so disturbing. This is as much plot as I'm going to reveal.

There were (maybe) a couple of scares in this movie, which is quite a progression from the others I've seen in "After Dark's" film festival this year. Also, there is one plot twist that I did not see coming. I must be losing my touch... However, there are some scenes where it just seemed like I was now watching violence-for-violence's sake, especially the deputy's scene with his unintended victim.

Unfortunately, it's the "meat and potatoes" of the story that made no sense to me. Rated "R" for graphic violence, language, and brief nudity. I would like to recommend this installment, but I just cannot bring myself to do it.