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A bohemian Seattle DJ uses his on-air charisma to create a fictitious conservative radio personality, becoming an overnight sensation.

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Swing State movie full length review - Just bad

We rented this movie and others for a transcontinental flight. As it goes with long flights we were desperate for entertainment of any sort. We watched one great movie, one average movie and then this.

.. and this was bad. It was so bad my gf suggested we turn it off. We tried for a few minutes to give it a fair go but this movie is unwatchable.

The writing is not funny. There is no way to say this better. It's kind of dumb college humor that maybe your bonehead 20 year old brother would think was funny if very drunk. For someone with half a brain this movie will not be funny. The story was predictable. We knew what was going to happen almost exactly because it was such a lame script. The acting was very bad. Alex Beh overplayed this one. In fairness to Beh the part was crafted poorly giving him not much to work with. The other actors were...forgettable. The soundtrack was just annoying.

In summary, don't even watch this if you're desperate.