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Max is an artist seduced by the allure of fame. Sara is an art critic whose obsessions exceed even his. When she lands a writing gig at a major art magazine, the pair retreats to a cabin in the woods, where Max reveals his strange new painting method. Convinced of its potential, she agrees to collaborate on a piece sure to revolutionize the art world. While both original and mesmerizing, the project reveals something dark and disturbing about their relationship. Like two digital-age Frankensteins, they manage to make a painting come alive - though the unsettling consequences of their success may be more fit for the pages of a blood-soaked tabloid than the chronicles of art history.

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Tabloid Viviant movie full length review - A modern trip down memory lane of artsy genre

This movie has a feel of a peyote trip and Ecstasy with in the art, and Jesse Woodrow turns in a performance outside his normal acting genre, playing believable torn artist wi

th serious issues, He is glowing whether laughing or in a manic state, and his looks go outside cookie cutter and shows he is right at the top of his craft Tamzin is so believable and kinda modern naive and gorgeous like a young Angelica Houston with a hint of Genevieve Bujold

Keep watching Jesse cause he is going to be everywhere and a darling of the small and large screen showing those bedroom eyes and long legs. It is a guarantee he is about to become a household name in comedy and drama