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One evening, while her parents go out for dinner, 18-year-old Louise, alone in her hotel room at Taj Mahal Mumbai, hears strange noises out in the corridor. Within minutes, she realises that a terrorist attack is underway. Her only connection to the outside world is her cell phone, which allows her to maintain contact with her father, who is desperately trying to reach her from the other side of a city that has been plunged into chaos. Louise must spend a long night alone in the face of danger. She will never be the same again.

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Taj Mahal movie full length review - Something was missing..

November 2008. When her parents go out for diner, Louise, 18-years old, finds herself trapped in a room of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai during a terrorist attack.

Taj Mahal is not a bad film by any means and for sure it's not a 5.6 kind of movie but unfortunately there was way more tension and story in the trailer than the actual film, as far as acting goes Stacy Martin gives a really good performance but the story lacks the shocking effect that it wanted to pull from the audiences hearts and there's way too many scenes that i couldn't even see anything. Also the movie has like 3 or 5 different endings that i honestly didn't like that much and kinda ruined the movie for me. It's not a bad film it's just that the story it tries to tell it's not as effective as maybe it wanted to be and that's why i'll give it a 7/10.