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Dramatization of the notorious "Noida Double Murder Case", which set off a media frenzy around the world in 2008.

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Talvar movie full length review - Could be the best Option to represent India in Oscars

TALVAR - I think Vishal Bhardhwaj could have a great carrier as story and screenplay writer. As he is a visionary , but the problem has always been that he finds it difficult to compromise with the commercial needs of Bollywood audience.

That's why not always (because i also like to see VB directing movies) but sometimes (mostly in case of real stories) its good to give VB only the writing department and give the director's chair to someone else who can keep a balance between critical and commercial needs of the movies. Meghna Gulzar in this case has done a great job in that department. Coming back to the movie , as the movie is based on Noida Double murder case which has earlier been portrait in a movie named Rahashya but not much in a detailed manner , i personally will not judge the movie comparing its facts to the real event. It will be judged by me as a movie i.e., how entertaining and gripping it is as a movie. Watch out for the word ENTERTAINING i used as BORE is a word which doesn't apply to any of the scene in the movie. Basically the plot is that First the police department investigates but quite liberally , harassing the total crime scene so that they can force their foolish judgement . Which is of coarse not accepted by the country and its judicial departments and the case is handed to the CDI. The time when we think we get the result , the politics and conspiracy withing the CDI pull back all of us to where we have started and a second team is created to investigate from the start. In a Pre-climax scene we get to see two teams of CDI fighting each other verbally on what right conclusion they have got and whats wrong in the judgement of the other team. That's the best part of a movie which is already in its top form. Its like i personally can give 11 out of 10 to that particular discussion. The film clearly portraits how bad our executive departments have become , that they doesn't care much about what their job is , rather the inner politics is spoiling it all. And if anyone tries to do his job earnestly , they also have tricks to destroy all his efforts. The movie itself never forces its judgment on you , it only wants to show you the fact. Yes of coarse the story has been purchased from the Talvar Family by paying copyright prices so defiantly you can say the movie is favouring a little bit to Talvar family , but i cant say that its a biased movie. This is a back to back success for Irfan after PIKU. Can't think of any other actor who could have done this (not even Nawazuddin , may be Nana Patekkar in his young days , but no one else) . There were no grand entry for him , rather he built his character scene by scene , also not emoting in a same manner , rather we see different sides of his character. Its like even for Irfan this character would have been difficult to do. Konkana Sensharma was good in every scene except in one she just wake up to open the door for her maid but she didn't acted much like she is just woken up from sleep. I guess that's just a silly mistake from a great actress. But in comparison to her Neeraj Kabi as his husband was much better through out the movie including that particular scene i was complaining about. As Police Officer Gajraj Rao needs a special mention who handled the earlier investigation is such a liberal person cracking jokes on a crime scene , i could feel myself how bad a parents whose daughter has been killed last night would feel in front of that pathetic police officer. The dark humour , signature style of Vishal Bhardwaj is always their. I have never laughed so much in any of the movie to which VB is connected , not even in KAMINEY which is my favorite in his filmography. I find TALVAR even better then that. Background score was subtle and perfect which is not to play as distracting rather just go with the flow give actors to do their job. Meghna Gulzar as a director has not done a single wrong thing. Actually a single complaint which i have from the movie is that the investigation done by the 2nd CDI team has not been shown in much of a detailed manner as compared to the investigation done by the first team. That's actually depressing for me as i was so much gripped by the movie that i could have watched it easily if it would have at least 30-45 min long. I am actually complaining about the movie being short. This for me could be the best option to represent India in Oscars. If i get the award to give to the best movie of this year in Bollywood till now , i am going for TALAVAR. Its my personal request to my reader that don't waste money on Singh is Bling (which although i haven't seen but i can predict how the end result will be) and make such movies to go forward to 100crore club just because its light hearted and it has Akhsay Kumar. Go watch TALVAR and help it to become a hit. Yes of coarse only if you like intense thriller with a lot of Dark Humour. 9.1/10. By ANuP APu KuMaR.