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Meant to be a retreat for elite American athletes, Foxcatcher Farms, and all it was intended to represent, was lost in the paranoid downward spiral of its troubled benefactor John Du Pont. Heir to the Du Pont family fortune, John Du Pont funneled his considerable resources into his love of sports—wrestling in particular. Aiming to reinvigorate the US Olympic wrestling team, Du Pont created Foxcatcher, and invited gold medal champion Dave Schultz to lead the charge. What began as an idealistic sports idyll soon deteriorated into suspicion, distrust, and ultimately murder.

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Team Foxcatcher movie full length review - More added footage to an unsettling, intriguing story

Seeing the film play out brought back memories of Bennet Miller's fantastic Foxcatcher. Although both have different leads, I think both also work to highlight many of the same recurring themes and plot points.

This film only adds to the mystery and intrigue of the entire case and of Du Pont. It works to highlight certain scenarios and it also emphasizes the tragedy as something that was just inevitable, which is different to the more spontaneous character developments of Miller's film. The relationship between Du Pont and Schultz also seemed to be friendlier and at least more like one that had arisen due to friendship, as opposed to the one highlighted by Miller's film. This works as a great companion piece to that one, but it also stands on its own, it tells its own contained story.