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Feeling confined by their small town and overbearing parents, Annie and Jules hatch a scheme of running away. The only issue is, they need the money to get there. Jules suggests the couple try webcam modeling. Although she’s nervous at first, Annie can’t argue when the money starts rolling in. But as the girls soon find out, consequences can blindside you. Sometimes violently.

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Teenage Cocktail movie full length review - If your bored give this a try

Spoiler alert! Well not really description says teens trying to get away from overbearing parents? Previews shows girls performing on a webcam at one of the girls home?

Is it just me or those too things don't go together? Overbearing parents just not around when girls are shooting soft core porn? U never meet one of the girls parents. I was off on martin luther king day and thought what the hell. The two girls relationship and the mother daughter relationahips worked nothing else done and the ending is not plausible and felt rushed. That being said the movie exceeded my expectations i would rate the movie a little better than a lifetime movie.two female leads and whoever plays the mom can have careers after this movie other actors shouldn't quit their day jobs. I never expect much from these low budget independent movies this one is better than the others ones i have watched. If your not bored watched something else.