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A deep space mining vessel has been adrift for two years. It is suspected the crew brutally killed each other, but the reason for the bloodbath is unknown. A rescue crew is sent to find if there are any survivors, what happened and why.

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Teleios movie full length review - Science fiction drama

"Teleios" or as the title it was released under here "Deep Space" is a thought provoking science fiction drama.

A crew of genetically modified humans aboard the space ship Teleios is dispatched to find out what happened to the crew of a deep space mining vessel and more importantly to the recovery of a high priority "cargo". What the crew find is a sole survivor and an artificial life form, however it is when strange behaviors begin manifesting themselves in the Teleios crew that the movie comes into its own. Teleios mixes elements of Star Trek, Alien and Event Horizon but is much more than a jumble of these separate pieces. Teleios is an intelligently crafted science fiction drama that explores the flaws of perfection.