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16-year-old Cassie Sullivan tries to survive in a world devastated by the waves of an alien invasion that has already decimated the population and knocked mankind back to the Stone Age.

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The 5th Wave movie full length review - Calm Before The Storm

The east coast is under a winter storm warning, and some parts blizzard warnings. It's after 5, and so far it hasn't snowed where I am but it will be snowing all day tomorrow in this historic snowstorm.

The movies will probably lose business this weekend because of this snowstorm affecting lots of people. However, I was able to go to a matinée with a couple of friends before the snowstorm hits this afternoon.

Let me tell you, this movie was a good movie. Not like my favorite movie, and not a movie I'd probably own a copy of. But, an enjoyable action movie to see with a popular actress who is no longer a child, Chloe Grace Moretz, who plays a high school student. We also recognize another actor in this movie from Jurassic World, one of the highest grossing movies of last year, Nick Robinson.

Alien invasions have long since been a plot of movies. Occasionally, aliens come in peace like they do in movies like E.T., Race To Witch Mountain, Earth To Echo etc. Sometimes aliens come for war, where there are numerous movies with that plot. Even a radio broadcast in the '30s causing people to actually think aliens were attacking, "War Of The Worlds."

This movie resembled some other movies we probably have seen. The action seems like action we've seen in other movies. I thought the beginning of the movie resembled alien movies we're familiar with, like Independence Day and War Of The Worlds. It resembled both movies when characters were looking at the ship, but I thought it resembled War Of The Worlds with Tom Cruise a little more than Independence Day, especially with the tactics the aliens were using to wipe out the human race.

I felt like a couple of their waves resembled other films like The Day After Tomorrow, and Deep Impact, as the tsunami scene reminded me of the one in The Day After Tomorrow.

But, I felt like this movie more so resembled recent movies and stories we are more familiar with like The Hunger Games and Divergent. The girl in this movie Cassie, kind of resembles Katniss Everdeen. I felt more so that her guy interests in this movie resembled the guys in Hunger Games. Like, Ben resembled Peeta and Evan resembled Gale. The training in this movie also seems somewhat similar to the training in Hunger Games and Divergent.

What we see is one of the main themes of this movie, is an older sister Cassie wanting to protect and be with her brother Sam. It was nice to see Cassie's close relationship with her younger brother. I'll tell you seeing their relationship reminded me of another film we're less familiar with, R.L. Stine Haunting Hour Don't Think About It. The girl in that movie played by Emily Osment played a character with the same name as the character in this movie, Cassie. So, when we hear Sam call out Cassie, that reminded me of The Haunting Hour. Though, Sam was a braver character than the kid in Haunting Hour, and those two were closer as brother in sister in this movie than the two in Haunting Hour.

This movie was entertaining, but leaves out a couple of things. One thing, is we wonder how many people are supposed to die in this movie? We see brief scenes where the waves take place, but the movie mostly seems to focus on the war, strategy of survival, and Cassie looking for her younger brother. It's also interesting that with all the destruction in this movie, a lot of the movie takes place in a peaceful forest where nothing seemed to happen. Cheap scenes they could easily shoot with no special effects for those scenes. Now, going along with my title, Calm Before The Storm, the action seems to start at once when the waves and then it calms down somewhat till the next wave.

I felt like this movie could have also had more character development and allow us to get to know the characters better, because the movie starts with the action pretty soon after it starts. I feel like we have to know the characters a little better to get to like them and care for them more, to make a really good movie, before we go to the action. Though, the characters in this movie are likable.

Sorry if this mostly has been comparing this movie to other movies and talking about what went wrong. But, I feel like we could see similarities to other movies in almost every movie we watch. This movie will leave us wondering if there's going to be a sequel, and it's something we will want after watching this movie. I hope there is, and since I haven't read the books I'm really curious to find out what happens next?

So, while I've compared this movie to Hunger Games and Divergent, action movies where the main characters are females like this one. This movie seemed to have more action than those movies, except the last Hunger Games movie. I thought we saw Chloe Grace Moretz in action that we normally do not see female characters in. Especially, high school aged in that kind of action. If you like action movies, and like Chloe Grace Moretz, then this movie is definitely for you. I give it an 8/10. There should have been more character development, and we should have gotten to know the characters better. But, it was still pretty good!!