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Former Special Agent Tim Ballard has spent over a decade rescuing children from child sex tourism both domestically and overseas before he leaves, founds his own organization and begins saving the large majority of children that fell out of the purview of the US. This is the story about the lost children and the attempt to investigate and liberate them from around the world.

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The Abolitionists movie full length review - Amazing

This movie was amazing and inspiring. It is horrifying to see how many kids are sold for sex trafficking each year.

I hope everyone takes the opportunity to view this movie to understand the seriousness and realness of this situation constantly growing in the world today. The people that take part in the video are inspiring and life changing. The different stories in the movie are real and it is cool to see how the people go about trying to safe the children. It is a very emotionally moving video that will make you cry and encourage you to do more good in your life. So make sure you have someone to cry with when you watch this amazing movie!